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Atlantis The Palm Dubai - luxury for the whole family

Atlantis The Palm Dubai. The name brings hotel dreams to life. Atlantis is a fairytale of beautiful coral, dolphins, colourful fish and cool baths. If you're planning a family holiday and can afford a truly memorable experience, then look no further.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Atlantis The Palm Dubai sits atop the artificial Palm Jumeirah. The hotel building is huge and looks like a palace from the Arabian Nights. It is modelled on the world-famous Atlantis Paradise Island hotel in the Bahamas.

As in the original, there is a water park, called Aquaventure, covering 45,000 square metres, and a dolphin bay where guests can swim with dolphins - at an additional cost. There are also the mighty Lost Chambers aquariums filled with exciting sea creatures. More than 65,000 fish live in the hotel.

For hotel guests, admission to Aquaventure and Lost Chambers is included in the room rate. If you are not staying at the hotel, you can buy a day pass. For more information, see our page on Aquaventure.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai is a complete experience

Atlantis The Palm has more than 1,500 hotel rooms, a large number of shops and as many as 23 restaurants, such as luxury sushi chain Nobu from New York, Italian Ronda Locatelli, Lebanese Ayamna, The Burger Joint and Seafire Steakhouse.

Staying at Atlantis The Palm is not cheap. Keep in mind that you're paying for a complete experience, not just a place to sleep. It's not at all uncommon for guests to stay on the hotel grounds for their entire holiday.

Expect the cheapest room, which is admittedly a deluxe room of 45 square metres with a sea view, to cost from SEK 2,600 per night in the low season in summer and from just over SEK 4,000 in the high season in winter.

Always book directly with the hotel

A good tip when it comes to Atlantis The Palm is to book directly with the hotel. Unlike most other hotels in Dubai, you'll get a better deal when you book directly than if you use booking sites like, Expedia or Booking. This is rarely the case, but Atlantis is an exception.

If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, Atlantis will match it and give you an additional 15% discount.

The hotel also often has interesting package prices and offers. You can find them at Atlantis website. One example is the halfboard package, which includes breakfast and dinner and gives you a 50% discount on lunch. It's a really good option if you want to keep the total cost down.

Book Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Always book directly with the hotel. This will give you the best possible price and also allow you to choose an offer or package that will give you a lower total cost for your stay.

Our tip! Take a long weekend

Staying at Atlantis for a long time will of course be expensive. But the direct flights from Sweden to Dubai mean that a shorter trip, such as a long weekend from Friday to Tuesday, actually works well.

Four nights at Atlantis The Palm with halfboard will cost around SEK 14,300 for a family (two adults and two children under 12), in early February 2018. If you book a flight during one of this year's promotional periods, you can get tickets for around SEK 4,000 each, sometimes cheaper.

The cost of the trip is just over SEK 32,000, which includes almost all food and admission to Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers aquarium. Four days is also quite a long stay at Atlantis.

Film from Atlantis Dubai

Curious about Atlantis The Palm Dubai? Check out this video to see a little more of what's in store.

This is where the hotel is located

You will find the hotel at the end of The Palm Jumeirah. The hotel can arrange a transfer from your flight, but it's cheaper if you arrange it yourself. On this page we provide information on how best to take you from the airport.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai

(Page updated 2018-10-21. All price examples are from that date.)

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  1. Anders

    Prices for a room start at 3100 AED (about 6000 SEK). The rooms are lovely and access to the water park and aquarium is included.
    A breakfast costs about 300 AED (about 600 SEK).
    For AED 7-800 you can swim with dolphins, well worth the money.


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