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Dinner Cruise on Dubai Creek - choose the right dinner cruise

Dinner Cruise is one of the most popular excursions you can do in Dubai. Experiencing Dubai Creek and the old city at night on board a dhow, a classic wooden boat, is almost magical. 

Dinner Cruise - in Dubai

Several shipping companies offer Dinner Cruise on Dubai Creek. The layout is similar, but there are variations on the theme. The dinner cruise takes two to three hours and some operators arrange transfers to and from hotels.

Most of the shipping companies use a refurbished version of a traditional dhow, the kind of vessel used to transport goods to the ports in the region, but more modern vessels are also available. Sometimes the food is served at the table, sometimes it is buffet style.

On some dinner cruises you can buy wine with your meal, on others it's non-alcoholic. Information is available when you book. Here we present some of the best operators.

Book a dinner cruise on Dubai Creek

BiljettshejkenBooking in advance is recommended, as it is a popular experience. You'll also get a better price online. Here you can find all dinner cruises on Dubai Creek - with ratings from previous guests.

Dubai Dinner Cruise - price & comparison

The price varies depending on the ship, food, entertainment and whether or not hotel transfers are included. But expect a Dinner Cruise to cost from around SEK 400 to SEK 1000 per person.

The more expensive ones often include transfers to and from your hotel - and the food and entertainment are usually much better. The cheapest dinner cruises don't include entertainment.

Here we compare the most popular options. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Find Dubai Creek

Most people choose to have the organiser arrange transfers to and from the hotel. But if you're getting to Dubai Creek on your own, be sure to check carefully where your ship is leaving from. Shipping companies use different piers and depart from different sides of the bay.

Dubai Creek

Cruise also in Dubai Marina

Nowadays there are also dinner cruises in the new area of Dubai Marina, where many tourists stay. If you want to avoid the trip to Dubai Creek, it can be a very good option, even if the experience is completely different.

If the Dubai Creek cruise is all about history, dhows and Arabian nights, the Dubai Marina cruise is more about skyscrapers, skylines and the present. Both are great, but they give completely different pictures of Dubai.

(Page updated 2018-10-25. All price examples are from that date.)