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The water is now flowing in the Dubai Water Canal, the new canal that connects the upper part of Dubai Creek to the sea at Jumeirah Beach. Another impressive construction project has opened in Dubai. 

Dubai usually gets a lot of attention for its grand designs and construction projects, but this one hasn't actually received much attention from foreign media.

Maybe it's because it's not a spectacular new skyscraper, no artificial islands, and no world record.

But it's a pretty cool project nonetheless.

Dubai Water Canal

For three years, an artificial channel has been created between Business Bay in the upper part of Dubai Creek and Jumeirah Beach. The vision of the Dubai Canal has been to connect the city to the sea in one more place, beyond the mouth of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Canal

The Dubai Canal is over three kilometres long

The project has had a major impact on the local area during construction, including the closure of the beautiful beach at Jumeirah Beach and the popular Safa Park.

The water was released at the end of October and the canal was inaugurated on 9 November. Although the project is not finished, it is now possible to travel by boat along the canal.

The length of the canal is 3.2 kilometres, the width varies from 80 to 120 metres, and it is at most 6 metres deep.

New hotels, restaurants, houses and apartments are being built along the canal, and a pedestrian and cycle path has already become very popular.

Check out this hyperlapse video posted on Instagram by Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - popularly known as Fazza:

A video clip posted by Fazza (@faz3)

Dubai Water Canal has every chance of challenging the popular Jumeirah Beach Residences, JBR, as a place that can attract both residents and tourists.

Dubai Water Canal - before and after

These satellite photos give a good idea of what it looked like before the canal was filled with water - and after:



The canal also becomes, as an important aim of the project, a new transport route in the city.

The Dubai Transport Authority (RTA) already operates three daily ferry services on the Dubai Canal and there is the option to take both a water taxi and an abra, a simpler form of water taxi that has long been available in Dubai Creek.