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Metro - Dubai Metro - all you need to know about ticket & etiquette

Dubai Metro - Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro was eagerly awaited when the first line, the Red Line, opened in 2009. Getting around a city where traffic was often a nightmare was suddenly smooth and fast.

In 2012, the next line, the Green Line, opened and further expansion is planned. But already, all the main parts of Dubai are covered by the metro.

Tickets and prices

Different types of tickets are available, they are called Nol card. For tourists, the red version is the most suitable. It is a paper ticket that can be purchased for a minimum amount of 2 DHS (read more about Currency in Dubai here) and then loaded with a maximum of ten one-way tickets or a day pass costing 22 DHS.

For that small amount, you get unlimited travel on all public transport, including buses, for one day. Children under five always travel free.

Tickets can be bought and topped up at all metro stations and the red Nol card can also be purchased from ticket machines at a large number of bus stops around the city.

Stations on the Dubai Metro

Station map. Click on the image for a larger version.

If you want to take the Dubai Metro from the airport when you arrive in Dubai, ticket offices are located in Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

The ultra-modern trains in the Dubai Metro are driverless, fresh, have pleasantly air-conditioned carriages, and are equipped with free wifi - but unfortunately only for those with a phone number registered in the UAE.

Dubai Metro - times & a smart app

The different lines of Dubai Metro have different times for when the service is running.

The Red Line runs 05.00-00.00 from Saturday to Wednesday. On Thursdays it is 05.00-01.00 and on Fridays 10.00-01.00.

The Green Line runs from 05.30 to 00.00 Saturday to Wednesday, 05.30 to 01.00 on Thursdays and 10.00 to 01.00 on Fridays.

Trains come often, so there is no real need for a timetable. However, to plan all your public transport travel in Dubai, there is an app that can be very useful.

With S'hail you can easily keep track of metro, buses, trams - and book taxis, Uber and Careem (a local equivalent of Uber). Download the app here for Iphone and here for Android.

Riding the metro in Dubai - think about:

  • You pass the barriers by holding the card against a reader.
  • The ticket price varies depending on how many zones you travel. If you buy a daily pass, you don't have to worry about zones and payment.
  • If you're a man - avoid the trolley that's designed only for women and children. If you make the mistake of trying to get on, you'll notice the displeasure. In addition, you risk a fine of 100 DHS, about 245 SEK.
  • The trains have a first-class carriage, called Gold Class, with leather seats and larger windows. You are welcome to use it, but remember to select "Gold Class" when you buy your ticket from the ticket machine. The journey costs twice as much as in Regular Class.
  • Large bags must be placed in a special place, in a luggage compartment located in each carriage. You may carry a maximum of two suitcases on board.
  • You are not allowed to eat or drink on the trains, nor put your feet up on a seat. If you break these prohibitions, you risk a fine of 100 DHS.


  • On the this page you will find all information about Dubai Metro.
  • Here is a trip planner to help you get on the right metro.

(Page updated 2018-09-05.)


  1. Evamika

    Hi. Is a married couple (woman and a man) not allowed to ride together in Dubai metro ? But must go to separate carriage ?

    • Göran Ingman


      Women can ride in any carriage. The only rule is that men are not allowed to ride in the women-only carriage.


  2. Elsie Lindebrg

    Is the Red Nol Card personal or can a family share it?

    • Göran Ingman

      Hi Elsie!

      All Nol Cards are personal, so you must have one card per family member. The only exception is children under the age of 5, who may travel without a card.

      Göran (editor of Allt om Dubai)

      • Elsie Lindberg

        Thank you Göran!

  3. leila

    I just wanted to tell you that from the beginning, me and my best friend were just going to do a school project about dubai that was randomly chosen.
    but now my best friend and I have decided to go there on holiday as soon as we can afford it
    i think you/you have done a brilliant job with this website 😀


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