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Ferrari World - day trip from Dubai

Ferrari World is the world's largest indoor amusement park. The park opened in 2010 and has won several awards, in 2018 Ferrari World was named the best tourist attraction in the Middle East. You can visit the theme park on a day trip from Dubai.

Go to Ferrari World from Dubai

Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi, about an hour and a half's drive or bus ride from Dubai. A visit to Ferrari World is a popular pastime, especially for families travelling to Dubai.

The park has something for everyone. Adults and older children love the adrenaline rush of the various attractions, not least Formula Rossa, the world's fastest rollercoaster, and younger children have plenty to do too.

Ferrari World is the world's first theme park inspired by the brand and history of the Italian sports car brand Ferrari - and it shows in all the rides and attractions inside the park.

This is a great experience for anyone who likes theme parks, but will be extra spicy if you're also interested in cars and motorsport.

Book a ticket to Ferrari World

If you are already in Abu Dhabi or choose to travel to the theme park on your own from Dubai, you can book an entrance ticket here.

Day trips to Ferrari World from Dubai

Several operators organise day trips by bus to Ferrari World from Dubai. The times and prices may vary slightly, but they are basically the same.

The big difference lies in whether you choose a tour that only goes to Ferrari World or if you want a complete package that also includes sightseeing in Abu Dhabi.

1. Ferrari World - day trip from Dubai

This is a pure theme park tour, no sightseeing included. Expect the excursion to take around eight hours. The price includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel and a so-called bronze ticket which includes 20 rides. Price: about 1240 SEK.
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2. Full day trip to Ferrari World and Yas Island

This tour combines Ferrari World with a visit to Abu Dhabi's largest shopping mall, Yas Mall, right next door. The price includes transfers from your hotel in Dubai or from the cruise terminal, so this is a must for those visiting Dubai on a cruise. Price: approximately 1390 kr.
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3. Full day trip to Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World from Dubai

Here you'll get four hours at the theme park and also have time to visit the very beautiful Sheik Zayed Mosque, where you'll learn about the traditions and customs of Islam.

The tour also includes several other sights in Abu Dhabi, such as the Emirates Palace and the Old Fishing Port. Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Dubai, entrance fees and a professional guide are included in the price. Time: approximately ten hours. Price: approximately 2150 SEK.
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Ferrari World - some of the attractions

  • Formula Rossa - The world's fastest roller coaster looks like an F1 car and accelerates to 240 kilometres per hour in five seconds!
  • Scuderia Challenge - Highly realistic simulators that allow you to drive a Ferrari Formula 1 car on a virtual version of Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit.
  • Fiorano GT Challenge - Hill and dale track with parallel tracks where cars similar to the Ferrari F430 Spider compete against each other. Tight corners and fast straights. Top speed is 95 kilometres per hour.
  • Karting Academy - Perhaps the most fun go-kart track you'll ever drive. The 290 metre long track is inspired by the F1 track Yas Marina Circuit.
  • Made in Maranello - A virtual tour of the Ferrari factory and a chance to experience something that previously only Ferrari owners could see. Follow the creation of a Ferrari, from the drawing board, through the factory to the test drive.
  • Tyre Twist - The classic teacups in engine tuning! Here you spin around, around in Formula 1 wheels.
  • Junior Training Camp - Large climbing area, with five different sections, which the kids usually love.

Film clips from Ferrari World

The world's fastest roller coaster - and lots of other fun! Join us on a video tour of Ferrari World.

(Photo: Flickr/Aziz J.Hayat)
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