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The world's tallest hotel is in Dubai, that's not news. What is new is that the title has been taken over by a brand new hotel.

Gevora Hotel Dubai

The JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai has held the record as the world's tallest hotel for some years, but no longer. Last month, the Gevora Hotel, also in Dubai, opened and snatched the top spot by a single measly metre.

The new record is 357.8 metres and the hotel has more impressive details.

On the 12th floor there is a fitness centre with sauna, steam room and outdoor pool. On the 71st floor is a spa with phenomenal views of the city. When you arrive at the hotel, you walk through revolving doors covered in real gold.

Doors in gold

Gevora Hotel is not too expensive

After check-in, a butler will accompany you to one of the hotel's 528 rooms. The smallest are 46 square metres, family rooms with two bedrooms measure 85 square metres.

Given the luxurious layout, it's easy to think the hotel is expensive, but Gevora actually keeps prices surprisingly reasonable. A night in February and March this year started at around SEK 1,450, which can be considered a bargain.

Gevora rum

One thing to keep in mind is that Gevora is an alcohol-free hotel. If having a minibar or being able to order a glass of wine in your room is important to you, then you will have to choose another accommodation.

The majority of hotels in Dubai are not non-alcoholic, but serve alcohol in both bars and restaurants and often have a minibar in the room.

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