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Sightseeing: Hop-On Hop-Off

Hop-On Hop-Off Dubai (Photo City Sightseeing)

Dubai has the same kind of round-trip buses as most major cities in the world, known as Hop-On Hop-Off.

You get on and off at pre-determined stops and listen to an English-speaking guide in between. This type of sightseeing can actually be a really good solution for those who are short on time, but still want to see the most of the city.

Two companies with Hop-On Hop-Off

There are two well-known bus companies in the city that you will recognise from elsewhere in the world: Big Bus and City Sightseeing.

Both offer tickets lasting from one to several days, and have several routes to choose from. The price is quite similar. City Sightseeing may be slightly cheaper at times. Whichever company you choose, your ticket includes discounts and benefits at attractions, places and shops around Dubai.

If you know you want to go Hop-On Hop-off while you're in Dubai, it might be a good idea to book from home. All About Dubai partner Get Your Guide guarantees you'll always get the lowest price.

" Click here to book Big Bus

" Click here to book City Sightseeing

(Page updated 2018-10-25.)

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  1. Mikael

    Oman! I have heard that you can go on an organised bus tour to Oman over one day. I would love to know where to book one.


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