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IMG World of Adventures - the world's largest indoor amusement park is in Dubai

IMG World of Adventures in Dubai is the world's largest indoor amusement park. Covering an area equivalent to 28 football pitches, it offers breathtaking rides, superheroes and dinosaurs.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai

Amusement parks have become a big deal in Dubai in just a few years. Both IMG World of Adventures and Dubai Parks and Resorts opened their doors in 2016, and if you're looking for a day trip, the motor-inspired theme park Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

If you're travelling with children or young people, we highly recommend a visit to one of them.

Why build a huge indoor amusement park? The answer, of course, is Dubai's climate, with extremely hot summer months. An air-conditioned indoor facility can be used just as well, all year round. But don't think that just because the amusement park has walls and a roof, space is at a premium.

IMG World of Adventures - indoor park bigger than Gröna Lund

IMG World of Adventures has 17 different rides and a capacity of 20,000 visitors per day, which compares to Gröna Lund's maximum capacity of 15,000 visitors.

IMG Worlds of Adventure - theme park in Dubai

The amusement park is divided into four different zones: Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure and IMG Boulevard. Each zone has its own rides, restaurants and shops.

The most adrenaline-inducing attractions are:

  • Velociraptor - a four-loop roller coaster with a top speed of almost 100 km/h.
  • Thor Thunder Spin - a spinning, spinning, hair-raising ride in the Marvel Zone.
  • The Powerpuff Girls - full speed ahead and both faster and scarier than you might think.
  • Predator - free fall in ninety degrees!
  • Haunted Hotel - haunted house on steroids. Outrageously creepy with zombies and ghosts. Age limit 15 years.

Keep in mind that age limits and - most importantly - height regulations vary between rides.

Children should be 130 centimetres tall, so they can ride most of the attractions. But there are some that have a height limit of only 95-100 centimetres as well.

Tickets to IMG World of Adventures

There are a number of ticket types to choose from, ranging from regular admission tickets to tickets that allow you to get ahead of the queues to the various attractions.

You can also buy tickets that include meals at certain restaurants.

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