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Camel safari in the desert - a different experience

Camel safaris are a completely different experience from Dubai's classic desert safaris in four-wheel drive cars. A quiet, peaceful and genuine nature experience that we are happy to recommend.

Camel safari in Dubai

One of Dubai's most booked excursions is desert safari, a desert tour that often runs in the afternoons and evenings. This experience mainly involves breathtaking rides on the sand dunes in four-wheel drive jeeps or quad bikes. BBQ dinners, entertainment and camel rides are also included in the package, but the time spent on the camel ridge is extremely short - only a minute or so - and doesn't give you much of a feel for the animals.

If you want to experience the desert at a much slower pace, and much more peacefully, you can book a camel safari where the focus is entirely on the camels and the ride. There are no cars with roaring engines.

If you're lucky, you'll see some of the desert's wildlife on the ride, such as gazelles, oryx, lizards, falcons or owls.

Camel safaris are usually held in the morning and are a nice way to start the day. The price includes breakfast, drinks, and transport from your hotel.

The whole excursion usually takes 4-5 hours and the camel ride is about 45 minutes long. This is usually enough for inexperienced camel riders.

Book a camel safari in Dubai

BiljettshejkenThere are a handful of camel safari options to choose from and the excursions differ slightly from each other. Here is one of the most popular options.

Psst. Here's a camel safari where you get to experience the desert at sunset, unlike most other camel tours which are held in the morning at sunrise. Dinner buffet in Bedouin camp included.
" Read more and book

Do you prefer leather seats to saddles, do you like humming engines better than creaking camels? Read more on our page about desert safari with four-wheel drive jeep.

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