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Ballooning in Dubai - our tips!

Hot air ballooning in Dubai has become a popular activity in recent times. No wonder, because it's a special feeling to glide silently past and watch the sunrise over Dubai's beautiful desert landscape.

Ballooning in Dubai

Going high is wise. The pieces fall into place and it's easier to find your way around. You understand how cities and landscapes are connected.

In Dubai there are several options for those who want to reach high. The classic is of course the observation decks of the the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa, but you can also take a helicopter tour over Dubai.

Ballooning in Dubai - prices and booking

Flying a hot air balloon is not cheap, let me tell you straight away. But it's an incredibly cool experience that will be a memory for life.

Prices vary slightly depending on what's included, but expect to pay around SEK 2500-3500 per person.

Book a hot air balloon flight in Dubai

BiljettshejkenOrder before you travel and you'll have your seat ready. You get a lowest price guarantee and cancellation is possible. More information on the booking page.

1. Hot air balloon with breakfast and falconry

The cheapest option is a 40-minute balloon flight that includes breakfast and transport to and from the hotel. Afterwards, you will receive a video of the flight by email. Price: around SEK 2600.

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2. Flight with falconry display and gourmet breakfast

A slightly more expensive option, but also a longer flight. Here the balloon flight is 60 minutes long and the whole excursion takes about six hours. Price: about 3000 SEK.

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3. Balloon flight plus breakfast and safari

After the flight, you'll head to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for a jeep safari in the desert. If you're lucky, you'll see camels, gazelles, and oryx. Price: about 3400 SEK.

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Loved it!! An experience I recommend to everyone. Our balloon was only for 10 people, so it didn't feel crowded. I have never experienced such silence as up there, and the breakfast was wonderful. The whole excursion, driving the cool cars through the desert, was simply wow!

Anca-Elena T

Review from Viator, February 2018.

Watch the sunrise over the desert

When you're hot-air ballooning in Dubai, all flights are morning flights - to experience the sunrise over the desert. Pick-up at your hotel is included in the price.

Pick-up times vary throughout the year and depending on the organiser, but expect to be ready as early as 03.30 sometimes and 05.30 at the latest. Does getting up so early on holiday sound like a chore? Do it anyway. You won't regret it.

To think about

The tours are not recommended for children under the age of four. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have wheelchairs in the balloon.

Some organisers want you to confirm your attendance the night before the flight - but all such information available when you book.

Check before you book

Curious about what to expect if you decide to go hot air ballooning in Dubai? Here's a taste.

Convinced yet? 😉 Here you will find all bookable balloon rides in Dubai.

Footnote. The price examples on this page are based on the exchange rate in October 2018.

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