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Desert safari by jeep in Dubai - tips & booking

Desert Safari by jeep is a popular excursion in Dubai and a fun way to experience the desert. The price often includes a barbecue buffet and entertainment - but it's the scenery that's the attraction [Updated 2022-10-18].

Desert Safari - in Dubai

Sure, desert safaris can be a bit of a tourist trap sometimes. But the thrilling, fun and titillating drive on the edges and slopes of the dunes makes it well worth the money. This is one of the best excursions you can do in Dubai.

Dune bashing can be so breathtaking that pregnant women and people with heart problems are actually not allowed to participate.

Desert safari - various excursions

Desert safaris are offered in many different designs and prices. You can go on morning tours, evening tours or choose to take an overnight excursion.

Often you go with a group, but it is also possible to book private tours. If you want to drive yourself, you can ride a buggy over the dunes. Expect prices from around SEK 500 and up.

Book a desert safari in Dubai

BiljettshejkenOur tip! Book a desert safari before you travel. You'll have your ticket secured and it'll be cheaper than booking on the spot. If your travel plans change, you can cancel and get your money back. More information is available on the booking page.

Most popular are the evening excursions that end in a Bedouin camp with food and entertainment. The tour lasts about five hours and includes a barbecue buffet, belly dancing, sandboarding, henna tattooing and camel riding.

The food is usually really good, the entertainment is okay, but the really cool thing is to be under the stars in the desert when night falls.

Book a desert safari in Dubai

Leave the barbecue and the music and take a walk around the camp. Experiencing the darkness and silence of the desert will be perhaps the greatest experience of the day.

STRONGLY recommend buying this experience! We went for a full day of four-wheeling and sand-bashing, and we got to try snowboarding in the Arabian desert! Jamal (our guide) picked us up outside the hotel on time and made sure we had time to do everything at our leisure with pictures and such. 10/10!!!

Review from Get Your Guide, October 2022

Book a desert safari from home

Hotels in Dubai can often help you book excursions, such as desert safaris, but it's wise to book in advance. That way, you're guaranteed your place on the day you want it - and it's often cheaper to book online.

Thanks to our partnership with reputable booking companies such as Viator and Get Your Guide, you can choose from a wide range of desert safaris. Read on at your leisure, and book before you travel. Here are some examples of popular tours:



Desert Safari Dubai - a little taste

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Book tickets and attractions before you travel

Burj Khalifa, desert safaris, guided tours, water parks and much more. Booking in advance is smart. You're guaranteed your place and it's often cheaper. Here's everything you can book before you go.

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    Desert Safari is a must do something when all you travel to Dubai. From choosing to drop during your trip you will enjoy every moment.


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