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About this website

Allt om Dubai was launched in 2010 with the aim of becoming an inspiring and informative travel guide to a destination that was rapidly growing in popularity among Swedes. Today, the site is Sweden's largest site about Dubai - and the city is more popular than ever.

The aim is still to give you, the visitor, and Dubairesenär, as much information as possible about the exciting and much-publicised small emirate.

We tell you about hotels and restaurants, recommend attractions and excursions, and try to write about the whole of Dubai - not just skyscrapers, luxury cars and beach hotels. Dubai is, in fact, a broader and better destination than that.

A site like this is never finished. Pages are added and information is constantly updated in the hope of being an accurate and up-to-date travel guide to Dubai.

If you find any errors or doubts, or would like to suggest something that should be on the site, please email or fill in the form below.

Want tips on hotels that fit your dates and budget? Send us an email. We'll be happy to help. Wondering what sights you can book in advance, before you travel? Get in touch and we'll tell you.

When it comes to visa and passport issues, we have to refer to other sources. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to help with that, beyond the information provided on this page about visa and passport for Dubai. There you will find links and information on where to turn.

Of course, we are also on Facebook. Like our page so you always get the latest news about Dubai.

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