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Opening hours and holidays

Holidays and opening hours in DubaiFriday is the weekly public holiday in Dubai, which is good to know before a trip. Because it can affect what you can see and do. Some shops are closed and the metro has different times.

Employees' days off are either Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday, it varies between public and private sectors and also from company to company.

Friday is a holiday

Friday corresponds to our Sunday, which means that smaller shops may be closed and also that some large shoppinggallerior may not open until after Friday prayers, around 2pm. Dubai's markets, the souks, open at 4pm on Fridays.

Shop opening hours

The opening hours of the shops are usually until late in the evening, closing time is usually at 9 or 10 pm. Some smaller shops close in the middle of the day, between 13 and 15, but the malls stay open all day. Galleries are often open until midnight, sometimes longer.

(Page updated 2015-08-27.)


  1. Lisa T

    Holidays in January 2019? On which days are shops closed? Does Dubai and Abu Dhabi apply? Thank you!


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