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Travelling to Dubai in summer - tips & facts

Travelling to Dubai in the summer is becoming increasingly popular among Swedes. Many are braving the heat and taking advantage of the lower prices for hotels in the off-season. Here are our tips for a summer trip to Dubai.

Travelling to Dubai in summer

Just a few years ago, almost no Swedish travellers went to Dubai in the summer, but that is changing.

Here at All About Dubai, we see more and more of our visitors booking hotels in Dubai and attractions like Burj Khalifa and desert safari even in June, July and August. There is a lot to suggest that there is a new trend going on - Swedes are curious to try Dubai in the summer too.

One explanation is probably that Emirates' direct flights from Scandinavia to Dubai have been operating all year round for some years now, even during the hottest summer months.

Another is perhaps that Swedes have discovered that Dubai is a much cheaper destination in summer than in winter. There are far fewer tourists in the city and prices are falling.

Weather and temperature in Dubai in summer

You probably know that it gets really hot in Dubai in the summer, but the question is whether you understand exactly how hot it gets. Even people who say "I love the heat" tend to surrender when it's at its hottest in Dubai.

Temperatures well above 40 degrees are very common in June, July and August and it doesn't get much cooler in the evening, when it can be around 35 degrees.

Temperature is only part of the story. Unfortunately, the humidity in Dubai is also very high during the summer months, so the feeling of being in a sauna is palpable. The humidity doesn't subside in the evenings either, you don't get any real rest from the heat.

But you can cool off in the sea, you think. Well, not with much success. Bathing temperatures are over 30 degrees during the summer, and it's not uncommon for the sea to get around 35 degrees on some days.

Sunscreen and fluids!

As well as being hot and humid, UV radiation from the sun is also at its strongest in summer in Dubai. It's at its worst in July, but the radiation is high throughout the summer.

So apply plenty of sunscreen, avoid being in the sun too long in the middle of the day, and drink plenty of water. Start in the morning and drink steadily throughout the day - if you wait until you're thirsty, it's too late.

Cool off in the galleries

So far, we've only mentioned what can be challenging about travelling to Dubai in the summer. Despite the heat, there is a lot to be said for booking a summer trip.

Air conditioning is a lifesaver when the heat hits, and in Dubai you can expect it to work very well wherever you are.

The enormous shopping malls are particularly tempting on a hot summer's day. There are shops and restaurants, of course, but also plenty of entertainment. At Dubai Mall, for example, you can go ice skating, check out the Dubai Aquarium, fly an Airbus A380 simulator or let the kids have fun at the KidZania playground.

Other malls have similar layouts and offerings, so it's no problem at all to stay indoors for hours on end.

Choose the right hotel

Hotels lower their prices in summer, sometimes quite substantially. Take the opportunity to book a holiday in a good hotel with a wide range of facilities so you don't have to leave the resort so often, if you don't want to.

Our top recommendation is Atlantis The Palm. That's really true all year round, but this giant luxury hotel is an especially good choice for a summer trip. Partly because it's cheaper than in high season, but mainly because Atlantis has a large number of - really good - restaurants and attractions that will make you want to stay indoors.

The area also features the fantastic Aquaventure water park and all Atlantis residents have free entry. Not bad when the summer heat hits.

Suitable attractions in summer

Dubai has world-class sights and attractions. Some, like the desert safari, may be best skipped in summer - although most tours are in air-conditioned jeeps.

Others, like visiting the observation floors of the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa or in the new Dubai Frame, work just as well in summer. Even better, as there are fewer tourists and shorter queues.

Ramadan falls in summer

Keep in mind that the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan currently falls during the summer, and may affect your trip to some extent. No big deal, but there are some things to consider around food, drink and alcohol.

Exactly when Ramadan is, it varies from year to year. In recent years, Ramadan has been in the middle of summer, but now it is moving towards spring. In 2018, the fasting month is from 16 May to 14 June.

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