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So, you're thinking of travelling to Dubai, but can't quite decide which one to go for? Go ahead, here are 32 good reasons to choose Dubai this winter.

1. Flight time is just over 6 hours.

2. You can count on wonderful weather from December to March. The average temperature in February is a perfect 25 degrees.

3. Hotels in Dubai are among the best in the world.

Hotels in Dubai (Photo: Dollarphotoclub/Judith AY)

4. The service is top class.

5. Taxis are clean, safe and cheap. If the meter doesn't work, you get a free ride.

6. The metro is new, fresh and cheap.

7. The Dubai Airport taxi free shop is the world's biggest - and probably best.

8. Dubai beaches are beautiful, well-kept and the sea is clear as carbon dioxide.

Sea in Dubai

9. Dubai's beaches are about to get free wifi - via artificial palm trees where you can also charge your phone!

10. Dubai Police driving Lamborghini. We're not kidding. Ferrari, Mercedes SLS and Aston Martin are also in the police garage.

Dubai police sports car

11. The world's largest inflatable water park is in Dubai ...

12. ... and the world's tallest skyscraper, of course. Don't miss a visit to the 828-metre-high Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa (Photo: Dollarphotoclub/Master Lu)

13. There lives a dinosaur in the shopping mall Dubai Mall. Or a skeleton, at least, of a 24-metre-long Diplodocus Longus that was unearthed in Wyoming, USA.

14. Dubai Shopping Festival runs for a month every winter, with sales and offers in all the city's shopping malls. Just watch out for the dinosaur!

15. Dubai is safe. You can feel safer on the streets of Dubai, at any time of the day, than you do at home in Sweden.

Dubai Marina (Photo: Dollarphotoclub/Oleg Zhukov)

16. It is easy to understand and be understood. Most people speak English and signs are in both Arabic and English.

17. Emirates, one of the world's most luxurious airlines, now flies direct from Sweden. So you can fly to Dubai in style, without it being particularly expensive. Norwegian also flies direct, if you want to fly cheaper and a bit easier.

Emirates Boeing 777

18. Swedish citizens may tourist visa on arrival, free of charge for 30 days.

19. The time difference is only three hours, in winter. In summer, a mere two hours.

20. You may drink alcohol in Dubai. Bars and restaurants in hotels serve beer, wine and spirits just like at home. So do nightclubs. But sure, it's wise not to go around drunk on the street. The police might come. And then you'll have to drive a Lamborghini.

21. Dubai has a magnificent desert landscape ...

The desert in Dubai (Photo: Dollarphotoclub/mytho)

22. ... where you can go on desert safari by jeep and ...

23. ... riding camels!

Camel in Dubai (Photo: Dollarphotoclub/Martin M303)

24. You can have afternoon tea in the world's only seven-star hotel, Burj al Arab. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

25. On the other hand, it's cheap to go abra on Dubai Creek. The traditional taxi boats charge just 1 dirham, just over 2 Swedish kronor.

Abra on Dubai Creek (Dollarphotoclub/Oleg Zhukov)

26. In the neighbourhood of Naif Souk you can try Afghan kebabs. So good you won't want to eat in the hotel again.

27. Atlantis The Palm with its spectacular water park, huge aquariums and keen dolphins is probably the coolest family hotel in the world. If you only take the kids on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, let it be to Atlantis in Dubai.

Atlantis the Palm Water Park

28. buy gold in Dubai is affordable, as the precious metal is sold tax-free. The price is up to 40% lower than in Europe.

29. The food is good! There are all the flavours of the world here. Don't be surprised if you eat your tastiest pasta as well as the tenderest steak or juiciest burger in Dubai.

30. Once you've tired of the fashion and bling of the malls, you can shop for spices, dried fruit and fabrics in the traditional the souks.

Souks in Dubai

31. Yes, there is an indoor ski slope. Everybody talks about it and thinks it's weird. But what's really cool and different is that Dubai has outdoor pools in winter. Beaches and pools that are warm in January, when we in Sweden swim indoors in municipal chlorine pools. It's seriously exotic.

32. Dubai is both a bustling world metropolis and a laid-back beach destination. An unusually successful combination. Sort of like Miami. Only closer. And with camels.

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