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Shop for pirated goods in Al Karama

Pirate copies in Al Karama Dubai (Photo: Flickr/lain32)

Al Karama is Dubai's most densely populated district and the centre of the pirated goods trade.

If you can't afford a genuine Rolex in one of the city's many luxury shopping malls, Al Karama is where you'll find the cheap copy.

Almost only pirate copies in Al Karama

Along the main street of Al Karama are shops selling everything from Chinese ornaments and hookahs to T-shirts, sunglasses, caps, watches and much, much more. Almost everything is pirated.

Remember to bargain. Hard.

The Dubai authorities are not overjoyed at the trade in pirated goods. Partly because it's a black and illegal industry, but probably also because they'd rather see tourists shopping in the city's fine malls.

Not all goods are visible

Raids occur, so it is not uncommon for traders in Al Karama to hide their goods in storerooms or apartments.

So if someone asks you to come along to look at a watch, for example, the explanation is that the seller doesn't want to advertise their business and risk being stopped by the police.

A mini-guide to shopping for pirate copies in Al Karama is available at Timeout Dubai.

Al Karama with guide

One way to experience Al Karama is as part of a guided tour. Then you'll get tips and tricks from someone who really knows Dubai. Al Karama is included in the Shopping Tour Dubai, which also visits the Gold Souk, the Spice Souk and jewellery shops.
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(Photo: Flickr/lain32)
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