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Currency and money in Dubai

Currency and money in Dubai - dirham

The money in Dubai, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates, is called the dirham. The currency is sometimes abbreviated AED and sometimes DHS. One dirham is divided into the smaller unit of 100 fils.

1 dirham is equivalent to just under 2.50 Swedish kronor (September 2018). You can always check the current exchange rate on, for example,

There are plenty of ATMs, visitors will find the first ATM already at the baggage belt at the airport.

All major debit and credit cards are accepted.

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  1. Bengt

    What about the mobile phone? Expensive or?

    • All about Dubai

      Using your mobile can be expensive, unfortunately. Prices vary depending on your mobile operator, but minute prices of SEK 15-20 are not uncommon. SMS costs SEK 4-5. Surfing on the mobile network is also expensive, so be sure to turn off your phone's data roaming.

      Make sure you use wifi as much as possible. Hotels and shopping malls have good wifi networks, and there's actually free wifi on many beaches too - although it can be shaky at times.

  2. The vanity with Mrs.

    Where in dubai, you can bargain till you're ashamed. Anyone who can share some awesome places to pick up cheap bargains.

  3. Gunbritt

    Can you use euros in Dubai?

  4. Kerstin Sjöström.

    What kind of power adapter should I bring to Dubai? So you can charge your phone

  5. christina

    should you buy gold in a shop or in the souk ? can you pay by card in the souk too?

  6. Saha

    Hi! If you have an Ica card it shouldn't cost anything to withdraw money in Dubai but what do they charge in Dubai when you withdraw money?

  7. admin

    Hi Torsten!

    You can bring 100,000 dirhams in cash to Dubai, about 164,000 Swedish kronor.

    /All about Dubai

  8. torsten

    How much cash can I bring into the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)?

  9. Bekka

    Is it expensive to go shopping in Dubai, e.g. when two girls in their 20s are going there for 7 days! What are the prices like?

  10. Sabina

    Hey! Is a passport enough or do I need some kind of visa to travel to Dubai?

  11. admin

    Hi Gert!

    You can safely assume that all types of cards work just as well in Dubai as in Sweden.


  12. Gert GRANSTEDT

    I have a question if it's okay with
    visa card in Dubai.


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